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Presenter Biographies
Our presenters are among the most talented in the industry. It is our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

 Our 2016 Featured Speakers

Sean Stone

Sean Stone is a motivational speaker and business consultant who focuses on helping small businesses grow from small to medium enterprises. His direction always involves service to both employees and customers, while improving the top and bottom lines. He has had successes in working with clients in the real estate, branding, film and service industries. The entrepreneurial bug bit him while he was attending the University of Arizona, when he started his first business at 18 and sold it at 22. Over the last 20+ years Sean has owned and operated multiple different businesses including FormulaSean (Form-u-lay-Séan) a Business Development and Marketing company. His passions are in motivating others, his kids, and he enjoys movies, food, reading and traveling.

Dorota Zglobicka (founder and creator of Theo Doro) is a Polish fashion designer who studied at the Multimedia Department of the Academy of Fine Art in Athens, Greece, and in Gdansk, Poland where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree. Zglobicka is also a filmmaker. She has created videos for her fashion shows as well as other film forms.
Recently, Dorota enchanted by the natural beauty of the American Southwest,  has moved from Europe to Vail, Arizona, where the Theo Doro Atelier is now headquartered.  Theo Doro clothes and accessories, inspired by fairy tales, films, history of fashion and nature are unique and very feminine.
Theo Doro - beside casual clothing creates cocktail dresses, couture gowns, as well as sensual, unique wedding dresses for the bride who is looking for something alternative to the conventional  styles and white hues.

Theo Doro will be showcasing at Tucson Fashion Week '16 and Fashion Week San Diego come fall. Info:

Felicitas Sokec
Artist Bio
Born and raised in southern Connecticut, Felicitas made Minnesota her home for twenty-eight years before moving to Tucson, AZ in 2006.  A Multi-Disciplinary Artist Educator with a Addictions Counseling background and Special Needs training, Felicitas teaches Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Crafts, Outsider Art, Literary Art, Personal Development and Spirituality classes to students of all ages and abilities.  Her combined experience in Addictions Counseling and Arts Education enrich each teachable moment as she brings her uniquely synthesized skills, insights and wisdom to all students.  “Art as a healing tool” is a basic tenet of her personal and professional philosophy.

Lynne Nixon is a style coach and owner of RESTYLE BY LYNNE. Lynne helps women who want to look better and feel more confident for any occasion. She is also a volunteer style coach at Your Sisters Closet at the YWCA and has a background in clothing construction. Lynne has a natural flair for style. She skillfully envisions what is possible for each woman to maximize her clothing. She is passionate about empowering women to select clothing that "speaks" to them and brings them joy! 

Kari Chen has been in Tucson since 2009 to attend the University of Arizona to get her Bachelor’s in Physiology and her minor in Chemistry. While her background is in athletics and personal training, in 2014 Kari joined the Canadian based company named Henkaa. Henkaa is the Japanese word meaning “change”. Our lives are constantly changing; why shouldn’t our fashion change with us? Kari has been working with the company for over two years, helping brides and reaching beyond that market to help frequent travelers, soon to be mothers, high school girls shopping for prom dresses, and updating the concert dress attire of performance groups.

Brook Grant, Master Aesthetician and Instructor since 2007.  Brook’s philosophy is to provide excellence in science-based skin care treatments and products that provide beauty and health for your skin.

Charlene Williams, R.N. Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist is passionate about Medical Aesthetics, Health and Wellness. She offers her patients an array of services. Injectables, Non-Surgical Face Lifts, Weight Loss and Fat Reduction procedures.

Mareta Childs Owner of Garden of Eden Salon and Spa for 7 years , I have been  in the Salon and Spa industry 30 plus years. My greatest accomplishment this far is my Non-Profit “Loving Hands of Healing Hope”  We provide FREE  Spa services to Women and Men undergoing Cancer treatment. Visit LHOHH.ORG For more information. 



Victoria Gonzalez Owned her first beauty salon at age 17, always been passionate about the new trends on the beauty industry, attending spa and hair seminars every year to find out what new service she will be offering her clients.
She considers herself an expert on permanent make up, skin care and hair extensions , she has studied them for 15 years as they change constantly and new techniques come on the market.
Owner of Xanadu salon and spa, they offer  head to toe services. Hair services, skin care, massage and body sculpting.


Bethany Lange grew up in a lower middle income family, attending a "rich-kid" high school. She learned how to budget payments instead of plan her future. A few hard lessons on credit and compound interest launched a self-discovery path, complete with lots of stumbles. This ignited a burning desire to help people learn the truth about how money really works and how to get out ahead of it, regardless of starting line. She is grateful to finally have the platform from which to realize her dream!

Therapeutic perfumer Kate Becker is the owner and founder of intention-based aromatherapy company, Kate’s Magik, as well as the Ritual Boutique and Massage studio in downtown Tucson. Raised between Switzerland and New York City, her innovative approach unites old world perfumery and aromatherapy with Reiki energy healing and the power of intention – reminding us that we must nurture the mind-body-spirit connection when seeking to restore balance and enhance well-being on a holistic level. Her Pure Essential Oil Blends help people address emotional struggles, empower positive life changes, and inspire conscious living by nurturing the body, mind and spirit

My name is Crystal Arvizu and I am a licensed Esthetician and Nail Technician. When I started in the nail industry over 15 years ago, my goal was to treat guests the way I would like to be treated. I have a love of natural beauty and wellness. With compassion and careful listening, I work to make every service special, every client is very special to me. Come visit me at Xanadu salon and spa, relax and leave with a beautiful set of nails, reflecting your style and personality.

Peggy Woodson has managed the Brighton Collectibles in Park Place Mall for three and half years and will be a Brightonista for life. 

Brighton Collectibles is a true American success story. As a Los Angeles-based, family-owned company, creating products that accessorize women stylishly from head to toe is our passion.   With 17 designer exclusively producing unique and fashionable items, you are sure to find something for everyday or any occasion.  Each season our design team and artisans create new and modern versions of timeless collections that you can continue to collect and wear year after year.      

Girls Night Out and Tucson Fun Party Bus class

Learn about our Girls Night Out spa packages in combination with our Party Bus, celebrate with your friends getting 3 hours of spa treatments, then take a trip dancing to your favorite music!!! The perfect party for only $95.00 per person.

We will be showing the inside of the Party Bus, everyone will have the opportunity to go inside, and take selfies with friends , in this class we will talk about the unlimited events that a Party Bus can be used for, don't miss this class, you will miss the Bus!


Peggy and Samantha are a duo team. They are mother &  daughter who encourage women to gain confidence in themselves .  Peggy born in Chicago has lived in Tucson  since she was 3 yrs old. Samantha is a Tucson Native.  The two of them have sold everything: Owning their own store selling the hottest hot sauce and Hottest Salsa in Tucson to Make-up, clothing, Legal, identity,  Real Estate, as well as now products to keep women Safe. It is funny we talked about Scoville when selling hot sauce, they are now selling a hot product that can get them away from an attacker.  Peggy and Samantha are  Damsel In Defense Independent Damsel Pro's

Sheila McCurdy started clutter STOP® LLC, in March 1993.  She has a college degree in Management and is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO.
 Sheila has expertise in organizing homes, offices, and paper management. Her specialty is helping organize those with ADD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, hoarding issues and mild traumatic brain injuries.  
 Sheila has been a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), since 1995 and belongs to the Tucson Hoarding Task Force.
Sheila has written several books and papers and has given seminars locally, across the country, and internationally for various organizations and businesses.

Charlene Williams R.N. has Advanced Aesthetic Training and a passion for Medical Aesthetics, Health and Wellness.  With years of nursing experience and a background in Fine Arts, Charlene draws on her artistic ability when performing Aesthetic Procedures on her patients.  She is often described as Meticulous and patient. Charlene believes Beauty in not only in the eyes of the beholder, but also in the hands of the practitioner.

John (Fred) Williams has worked in Western Medicine for over forty years. Fred realized there is an Energy System that needs to be addressed for Health and Wellness to take place. Using a Holistic approach Fred developed Mattaka Balancing, a powerful and profound healing modality that relieves stress, anxiety and tension by balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Vera Knight began her career as a fitness coach and personal trainer 20 years ago, when she weighed 220 pounds. Vera has worked with hundreds of people to design a lifestyle plan that works for them. Vera has become an expert on Intermittent Flex Dieting. IF is a simple lifestyle solution that can work for just about everyone.
Vera has a degree in Sports Science, she’s certified through the American Council on Exercise, and she loves and studies nutrition. She’s a personal trainer, she runs on line bootcamps, and she owns a fitness consulting business working with clients locally, and all over the US and Canada

Rosy Sweet is a mother of three young fashionistas, a dedicated wife and entrepreneur! "Fashion is a need, a way to express and create personality!" She says. "If we must wear something we might as well love it!" Is her motto.  Finding creative fashion that fit her curves and budget over the last 20 yrs have made her in expert in image consulting and savvy shopping as well as opened doors to a fascination for D.I.Y. alternatives to health and beauty products!

Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC, CDP   has many years’ experience as a life coach and counselor. She is a former marketing executive and entrepreneur who reinvented herself as a life coach. She has successfully launched three businesses, raised four professionally successful children, and created several different careers paths for herself (real estate investor, executive recruiter, publisher, behavioral health counselor, yoga therapist). For more information visit her website or call for more information 520-465-7880.

Sheryl Subia Store manager , Soma La Encantada . I never realized my whole life I was wearing the wrong size bra !!! That's huge ! Turning 40 this year I want to feel 20 and perky again, and I got that at Soma ! I love extreme sports and the outdoors so it's important my girls stay put ! I urge you to stop by and see what we offer to fit your lifestyle 
 Geri Schnarr, a member of the management team at Soma Intimates, is a certified bra fit expert who has been with the company for two years. She says, "My favorite part of any day is when I'm able to help a woman feel comfortable and beautiful in her own skin."

Our 2015 Featured Speakers

Echo Starmaker
Class Title: "The art of shine"
“ECHO” is a renowned Celebrity Stylist / photographer with her background of working in the music industry touring Internationally with major recording artists as “Beauty Guru” with the experience of also working on the sets of numerous fashion shows, music videos, commercials and on National television shows: Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, David Letterman and CNN including also having worked on the sets of 3 major films: “Jerry McGuire”, “Waiting To Exhale” and “Tin Cup”. 

ECHO is also an esteemed spokes model and promoter of select beauty brands for Makeup, skincare, Hair and Jewelry lines through network marketing and her public speaking engagements for various Women’s expos, media productions and live appearances worldwide.

A rare, all encompassing Soulful art form called “Transformational Artist” transforming her subject first, through hair,  key makeup and wardrobe styling before photographing and healing each one as she teaches “The Art of Shine” from the inside out capturing your true essence making her the unprecedented “Beauty Guru” throughout the world.

A unique STAR Artist herself and STARMAKER to all.

Jeanette Gibler
Class Title: "Inner wealth, outer beauty"
Jeanette Gibler has been an active entrepreneur, evolving businesses, and well-being for over 25 years.  
She owned and managed an Organic Salon& Spa, grew it into a thriving business with 15 employees and sold after 10 years.

Jeanette grew a Global Direct Sells team and achieved substantial ranks. With well over 100,000 members Jeanette was honored the annual

“Hero of the Year Award” for her inner approach to success and well-being, integrity, leadership, coaching, and team building facilitation. 

She is also the recipient of a $100,000 lifetime ring and Automobile Bonus. 

Debra Begmark, Damsel in Defense
Class Title: "Damsel In Defense: Taking your safety into your own hands"
Debra Begmark was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas.
 She holds a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice from the  University of Maryland.

She is a stay at home mom to three very busy children and proud wife to an air force retiree. She is enthusiastic about equipping and educating women on their safety and is proud to hear about victim survival stories.

In her spare time she enjoys being a student of Krav Maga, the Israeli military self defense system.

Shai Soko, Le Visage
Class Title: "The 24K Golden Touch" 
Shai Soko is our Regional Director of L'Visage Swiss Heritage. Shai is an upcoming Tucson Young Professional with 13 years in the skin care business. He is originally from Israel, where he earned his law degree. Intrigued by the technological advances in skin care he left his law practice in Israel to pursue a sales opportunity in the United States. While in this position, with a dedication to healthy and innovative choices, he quickly learned the industry. Shai has been involved with every aspect of skincare: head facialist, research and development, marketing, product development and more. Following the philosophy set forth by Le Visage.  Shai has embraced Tucson and donated to local charities and schools, national charities, and gives to struggling families for children to pursue literacy and education.

Vesta Abel, Art Seeds
Class Title: "Handwriting Analysis: Do you have success traits on your handwriting?"
Vesta Abel has had a lifelong passion for handwriting analysis and used it in her own business “COMOTION RUBBER STAMPS” during the hiring process.
We saved a lot of time and money getting just the “right” person for a particular job. “This also gives valuable insight into the personality of the candidate to see how they will interact with others in the work environment.

In 2013 she decided toget Certified as a handwriting expert through Handwriting University with her Mentor Bart Bagget. Come by and visit her at ArtSeeds Boutique in Campbell Village.

Bethany Lange, World Financial Strategies
Class Title: "The four biggest challenges to financial fitness"
"I grew up in a lower middle income family, attending a rich kid high school.  I learned how to budget payments every month rather than actually planning, which led to a few hard lessons about credit and how compound interest either works for you or against you.  This launched a path of self-discovery on financial basics. 
Traditional financial institution doors being slammed in my face ignited a burn to help people learn the truth about how money really works and how to get ahead, regardless of their start line.  I finally have the platform from which to realize that dream!"

Beth Lange

Bob and Paula Trotter, California Closets
Class Title: "Conquer the clutter"
In 1978 California Closets was founded, an 18 year old student who turned his innovative idea of maximizing space in his dorm room closet into a successful small business in Southern California.  In 1982 the first franchise started in Huntington Beach. 

Bob and Paula Trotter started the family run franchise in 2001 and have been successfully organizing homes in southern Arizona ever since. 


Natalia Comisso, Marcel's Total Fitness & Athletics
Class Title: "Small begginings, food and fitness"

Natalia is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S in Dietetics.  Her areas of expertise are drastic weight loss and nutrition, and she holds an ACE AHFS (Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist) certification, specializing in orthopedic exercise and disease maintenance.  She believes that every single body has the capacity to better itself through proper nutrition education and execution, and implementing a realistic fitness program.  Natalia strives to teach people to work and eat in a way that not only provides health benefits and a confidence boost, but that provides longevity of the body and mind as well.

Waco Starr, Holy Smokes
Class Title: "Aromatherapy for the 21st Century"
Waco has been working closely with the development, research and sales in the world of Botanical Aroma Vaping since becoming involved with Holi Smokes in 2012.  Recognizing the need for a healthy alternative to conventional vaping, Waco quickly saw the potential of personal aroma-therapy devices. He has a depth of knowledge and experience about Wellness Lifestyle Vaping that is taking the world by storm and is excited to share his knowledge with you. Waco has a passion for healthy living through plant medicine. 

Amey Aubrey, Forever Able Wellness
Class Title: "Women's wellness and beauty with Chinese medicine"
Amey Aubry is the owner and an acupuncturist at the alternative wellness center, Forever Able Wellness.  She received her master’s in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Tucson, AZ in 2011.  As an acupuncturist, Amey focuses on whole patient care. Each patient receives a treatment that is specific to his or her individual needs.  Amey believes that health is not simply an absence of disease; health is a state of balance between the body, mind, and spirit that allows an individual to live an enjoyable and satisfying life.

Vera Knight
Class Title: "The Happy Body class"
Vera Knight has many titles, wife, mom, grandmother, business owner, and fitness expert. She has a degree,18 years experience in the fitness industry, teaches whole food nutrition, and movement. But what really makes her an expert is her own personal 75 pound weight loss journey that began 18 years ago. The things that matters most to Vera are living her life in faith, family, & freedom. Helping others live a fit fulfilled life is her passion. Vera’s motto is to "Live Fit, Spread Joy"!! 

Vera Knight

Felicitas Socek
Class Title: "Goddess 101"
Is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist Educator and Minister, ULC.
A spiritual revolutionary and femi-nist artist, FELICITAS is the found-ing mother of the womyn artists’ group, F.A.L.C.O.N. in Minnesota. She is also the visionary, energetic force behind Goddess Night, a female-identified-only cabaret-style event which seeks to build com-munity among womyn through the Arts. FELICITAS identifies "the Arts" as inclusive of Visu-al, Performance, Literary, Mystical and Healing Arts. An ordained Minister and Doctor of Metaphysics, FELICITAS emphatically embraces Art and Spiritu-ality as symbiotic, inseparable elements. In addi-tion to multi-disciplinary arts, FELICITAS also teaches Energy Work, Goddess-Self Consciousness and Creativity classes.

SAAHA, Southern Arizona Arabian Horse Association
Class Title: " Explore the Magic of the Arabian Horse "
Founded in 1966, the Southern Arizona Arabian Horse Association has much to offer its members: competitive opportunities – recreational trail rides – social & educational events.  We are an active group that loves Arabian horses and spreading the joy of ownership. 
Arabian horses maintain a reputation as the horse of beauty, courage, endurance and romance.  Arabians are the family horse who does it all.  They are gentle, affectionate and highly intelligent horses making them easy to train.  And who can forget their beauty as they look at you with those big brown eyes letting you know they are happy to see you.

Ingrid Gina, The waxing queen of Tucson
Class Title: "Your Makeup Customized to you!"
Ingrid Gina, is owner and founder of "The Waxing Queen of Tucson!" Llc, she is also the Director of Education for Sia Botanics, locally founded skin care company, and a custom blend make-up specialist. She supplies her clients with products and services that address their skin's specific health needs and keeps their skin looking and feeling great! Every thing is customized for the client, from the additives to the color.

Sam Wilson, Jenn Roberts, Sammies Jammies
Class Title:“Say yes to sexy, sultry and sophistication”

 A loving wife and mother of two, who’s BFF is her hubby! Live, laugh, love is Samantha’s mantra in life! Samantha holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management understanding some people find speaking about desires in the bedroom extremely personal. Choosing special Lingerie or Adult Toys can be embarrassing, Samantha's goal is to make it a fun and relaxing experience for all. Sammies Jammies allows a secure place to speak about personal wants and desires. Samantha created this business to let people feel comfortable in a positive and fun atmosphere with their friends. Everyone should feel special and beautiful in their  most intimate moments.

My name is Jenn Roberts and I am a mother of 3 amazing boys. I have been a professional photographer for over 4 years now. I enjoy taking boudoir pictures because it shows women how beautiful they actually are no matter size or shape! 

Sean Stone, STONE 2 (Stone Squared)
Class Title: "Marketing and Branding - Social Media Exposed"
Sean Stone is a inspirational speaker / consultant who focuses on business development strategies through marketing, service to employees and customers, and balancing top and bottom line ROI. The entrepreneurial bug bit him while he was attending the University of Arizona, when he started his first business at 18 and sold it at 22. Over the last 20 years Sean has owned and operated multiple different businesses including STONE² (Stone Squared) a Marketing and Branding company. His passions are in motivating others, including Jenna Stone and their 3 kids, movies, food and traveling.

Patricia Matthews
Class Title: "Zumba  One on One"
Certified Group Exercise and Strength Training Instructor
Licensed Zumba Fitness, Zumba™ Sentao, Zumba Toning, Zumba Kids, Tabata Bootcamp™  and R.I.P.P.E.D.

Hello! I am Patricia Matthews and  I love to dance! I’ve danced since I was a little girl. I was born in Chile and the Latin music and flavor are in my blood.
I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for the past five years and love every minute of it.  My goal is to “Get You Moving” while having fun, at your own pace and fitness level while encouraging and challenging you to workout just a bit out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your fitness goals.
When I am not at the gym teaching my classes, I am involved and volunteer my time in many fundraisers, non-profit charity and local events throughout the year, always spreading the Zumba Love, giving back and helping raising money and awareness for causes that matter in our community.

Andrea Ang, Kennedy Wong
Class Title: "Country Line Dance Class" 

Andrea's Bio

Andrea is a fitness aerialist, starting out in Cheer in 2009. From that point, she slowly made her way into Country dancing (progressive/rhythm two step, swing, line dance, and night club), specializing in Country bar swing (aerials, lifts, and flips). She has most recently entered the West Coast Swing and Blues scene.


Kennedy's Bio

Kennedy has been dancing for a year and a half, starting out in ballroom. He mostly specializes in Country progressive/rhythm two step, swing, and line dance. Kennedy is also amazing at Country bar swing (aerials, lifts, and flips).

Mike Maliner
Class Description: "Beginners Salsa Dance Class"
I am Mike Maliner. I have taught ballroom dancing many years ago, however my profession was investment banking. A special love for Latin dancing has motivated me to promote these dances and create events to encourage people to enjoy them as well.   In Tucson, I put on the Latin dance events and have a free hour salsa/bachata dance lesson with entry at the beginning of each event. Every Saturday I have a salsa/ event at the WXYZ Lounge in the Aloft University Hotel, 1900 East Speedway and every other Friday at Club XS, 5851 East Speedway. 
See you on the dance floor, Magic Mikey


Our 2014 Featured Speakers

Class Title: "Let your light shine"

Laura Dewey M.A. is a Life Coach and author of  Shine Your Light...Illuminate Your Love: 12 Steps to Attracting the Relationship of Your Dreams. Her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology leaves her uniquely qualified to assist others in dissolving destructive patterns, barriers, and beliefs that keep them from experiencing fulfilling lives, careers, and relationships

Dewey devotes her life and practice to spreading the word that our most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. When we learn to accept ourselves, flaws and all, we shine our light, our relationships become richer, and the quality of our lives improves exponentially.

Cindy O'Connell, Bella Beauty Solutions

Class Title: "Anti-Aging Naturally"

Cindy started early on in life loving fashion.  At the age of 14 she made her own clothes.  She got best dressed in High School.  It was at that point that she know beauty and fashion was her thing.  
Beauty products were always part of her life.  She sold Mary Kay Cosmetics, Beauty Control products and developed her own line of mineral cosmetics.  
Upon moving to Tucson, she recognized that there was salon on almost every corner.  That intrigued her enough to pursue a sales position with a beauty supply company.  She serviced 1,200 salons throughout Tucson, Green Valley and Sierra Vista.  
She now has a company that has a portfolio of healthy beauty products sold to individuals as well as salons and spas. Beauty is a big part of developing a style.  Everyone has their own way of displaying their beauty with clothing, accessories, hairstyle and make up.
It is her passion to make others feel good about their individuality.

Jane Harvey, Wardrobe Consultant Doncaster
Class Title:  "Come Fly with me"

Listed in Two Thousand Notable American Women, Jane R. Harvey is known as the Wardrobe Architect. Jane helps her clients build wardrobes that accent their natural beauty and enhance their lifestyles.
Jane began her career in the fashion industry after almost twenty years as a Financial Planner. The “2001 Women in Balance Event” was the catalyst for her decision to sell her financial planning business and “repot herself” into a career where her “roots” could stretch out.

In 2006 Jane was the winner of the Tanner Legacy Award. This national award and its accompanying $5000 charitable contribution is given by The Tanner Company each year to two wardrobe consultants for their outstanding commitment to their communities

Jo Young, Expert Wardrobe Accessorizer
Class Title: "Small Wardrobe, BIG impact"

Jo Young, Fashion and Style Coach, and owner of the company,          
Your Fashion-Fix s previous experience included the planning and directing of various fashion shows and working in fashion boutiques as a visual retailer and stylist. Jo stays current in her field by attending fashion seminars and continually researches the current trends. Her experience and keen eye for style has helped women build up their confidence and create a first impression that becomes their greatest asset. She makes it her business to help busy women transform their closets into a grab and go system that takes the guess work out of looking good! website:

Cherie Hartline, Mary Kay Cosmetics
Class Title: "5-10-20   Beauty & Fashion On the Go"

Cherie comes from social work , and has found a match for her excitement in  motivating women to find their best in every arena in life.
Skincare is the vehicle for women to shine, and their self-confidence carries into every area of life.  As a stay-at-home Mom, Cherie found her self-confidence waning as she re-entered the job market.  When she was introduced to her company, her vision expanded and she found that it truly can be “Outside in”for your life to change.
Cherie has lived in Tucson 14 years and considers herself fortunate to have a home town, at last.
She is passionate about her husband and family, faith, decorating  gardening, and traveling the world whenever possible.

Fernanda Jacquez, Krystal Fragoso, Lux Blow-Dry Bar
Class Title:  "Blow-Dry Tips and Tricks"

Krystal and Fernanda are two sisters raised in Tucson, aspiring to be business owners. Fernanda knew she'd become a Cosmetologist since she was very little and has always loved the artistic way of life. She attended Regency Beauty Institute and graduated in 2009. Krystal always knew she'd be the bookworm, enjoying a great novel and interested in Business. Krystal received her associates Degree in Business Management. Together they will open Lux Blow Dry Bar, a hair salon focusing only on hairstyles and blow-dry's. Be on the look out because it's coming to Tucson soon! 

Vera Knight, Focus Fitness
Class Title:  "What? Chocolate doesn't cause weight gain!"

By 38 years old Vera Knight managed to DIET her way up to 220 pounds. Clearly dieting was a un-winnable game. So she obtained a fitness degree, is certified through the American Council on Exercise, & Coachville, worked as a personal trainer/department director for 7 years, and in 2005 opened Focus Fitness. She coaches a winnable game, that’s not about absurd calorie counting, diet food or hours exercising. Vera now works with Crazy Busy people, around the country. At 56, she’s in the absolute best shape of her life, and plans to play till the lights go out!


 Meg Ross founder of Rockin Pin Ups
Class Title:  "History and glamour of the Pin-Up Girl"

Rockin Pin Ups is a 501c3 organization; charity is our passion, helping our community and helping to raise money for various charities in Tucson is what we do best!. We also like to support local companies, help others gain exposure and at the same time promote our skills and services: event appearances, car shows, go- go dancing, supporting music bands, fashion shows and more. Contact us at if you are looking to book us for an event or if you are interested in becoming part of our organization, we help  charities and others in many fun exciting ways!.  It will be peachy keen to work with us, you will see!

Maria Ruiz, Positive Wellness
Class Title:  "Positive Wellness"

I have a graphic designer and interior designer degrees.
I have a medical assistant degree for my passion to help people.
A love for visual arts, humanitarian services.
Helping others, staying happy and living a satisfactory life has always been my passion.
I am a business owner at the age of 26 and looking forward to managing a successful, profitable business as well as relate it to fashion and beauty. A lady should be beautiful inside as much as outside.
I love traveling around the world, meeting new people, making connections that have helped me open my horizons  and stay happy. 

Kati Becker, Buffalo Exchange
Class Title: "Become a Frugalista!"

A frugalista herself, Kati Becker is a manager at the Buffalo Exchange on Congress Street. A graduate in Psychology at the University of Arizona, She has been shopping with Buffalo Exchange for over 10 years and has been part of the company for over two years.

Buffalo Exchange is a new and recycled fashion store. Beginning locally in Tucson in 1974, they have now grown to 46 stores across the country and still maintain the concept that recycled fashion can be affordable and stylish. Buffalo Exchange not only helps in local sales in reusing and recycling clothing, they also help various charities across the country, raising nearly $525,000 in their Tokens for Bags program.

Rosemary Bietendorf, Open Floor Studio Llc., Owner.
Class Title: "In Style Fitness Party"
 We offer a safe, effective and fun workout experience for clients right in the comfort and convenience of their own home or place of business. We go where you are!  

 Certified Group Fitness Instructor,ZumbaFitness, Zumba™ Sentao,    ZumbaGold, Zumbafor Kids and    Zumba Kids Jr,

    Cleveland Clinic and Boot Camp.
    (520) 262-9083 cell


Patricia Matthew, Open Floor Studio LLC., Owner.
Class Title: "In Style Fitness Party"
We offer a safe, effective and fun workout experience for clients right in the comfort and
convenience of their own home or place of business. We go where you are!  
Certified Group Fitness Instructor,ZumbaFitness, Zumba™ Sentao, ZumbaToning, Zumbafor Kids and ZumbaKids Jr & Fit Express.

   (520) 360-0320 cell

Lisa Molina, Bombshell Cosmetics
Class Title: "All that glitters, by Bombshell Cosmetics"

Lisa Molina is the founder of Bombshell Cosmetics, a stunning new cosmetics line launched in 2010.  Working as a cosmetics sales associate for a popular international cosmetics company, she learned that she could create her own cosmetic line with the same quality at a lower cost!

Bombshell was launched with a vision to create a fun and sexy make up line!  Bombshell represents confidence and is recognized for its collection of stunning vibrant makeup.    

Bombshell’s fun and sexy colors are a complement to any confident woman who works hard to make her dreams come true!


Laurie Solgon, Social Sideckick
Class Title: "Social Media 101"

Laurie Solgon is the Owner/Founder of Social Sidekick, LLC. a social media management and marketing company.  She serves as a Social Media Consultant or as she puts it "Your human/digital assistant navigating the social media universe for you".

Ms. Solgon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer/Information Science and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. She has experience in technology across various industries and has served as an instructor at the University of Phoenix.

Barbara Eisele, Life Transformations Now
Class title: "Yes You Can!"

Barbara J. Eisele, MC, NCC, PCC is a transformational life coach, an inspirational speaker and bestselling international author.   She experienced her own sacred transformational journey through a very difficult experience two years ago. In the process she discovered the many layers of her Authentic Brilliance. She continues to create her life by expressing her “Big Why” in her work and personal life.  Barbara’s professional passion is empowering women to live life from the inside out; discovering and creating their life from the “sweet spot” of their Authentic Self.  Find out more at

Sarah Eschenbrenner, New York Life
Class Title: "Are you Financially Fit?"

 Sarah Eschenbrenner is an agent with New York Life Insurance Company. Originally from Chicago, she graduated from Illinois State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology.
After many years of working and managing in the health and wellness field in Dallas, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Sarah owned her own shoe boutique here in southern Arizona.  From physical fitness to fashion fitness, and presently to financial fitness, Sarah promotes overall fitness for optimal well-being.
Sarah stays in shape by exercising, working hard and chasing after her three young boys.  She even teaches them the value of the dollar, and trips to Fry’s will find the boys skimming the ads and asking “Is that on sale?”  It’s never too early (or late!) to learn!


2013 Presenters...

                                           Ori Parnaby, Organize with Ori
The Organized Closet, your Secret Weapon
Ori Parnaby has been passionate about organizing for as long as she can remember.  Gifted with the “clean gene”, it seems organizing is in her blood. However, Ori firmly believes that organization is a skill that can be learned.
Many of her loved ones lack the gene, and Ori is sympathetic to their plight.  After helping both family members and friends tackle their organizational challenges, she realized that helping people get organized is her calling.
 Ori helps others learn the necessary skills to get and stay organized.
Ori can help you reclaim your space and teach you ways to keep it organized. Not everyone is born with organizational skills. But remembering that organization is an ability that can be learned will help you change the way you relate to your home and office.Ori lives with her very organized husband and two sons who are learning to put everything in its place.

Caitlin Dixon, Director of Development, YWCA Tucson 
Dressing for Success
Caitlin Dixon is a native of Tucson Arizona. She attended the University of Arizona and received a Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies and Sociology.
She has worked in the non profit sector for over 5 years as the Director of Events for American Red Cross, Director of Major Gifts for United Way, and is currently the Director of Development at the YWCA.
Caitlin has been a part of  numerous young leader groups including Tucson Young Professionals, United Way Young Leader Society, El Rio Foundation Young Leaders,and has served on the AD2 and American Fundraising Professionals Board.

Gilda Rada,  CEO Giada HMRC
Versatility of the Suit   
Gilda Rada, MBA, is the owner of GIADA Hispanic Marketing, Research and Consulting, she has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising, sales, research and business development. Most of these years have been spent in Tucson, a place she has called home for the last 20 years. She has worked and consulted with companies like Univision, Azteca America, CRG Global, Casino Del Sol, Jim Click and hundreds of local and international companies.
She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing and is a proud Alumni of Pima Community College, where she studied International Business. Currently, aside from growing other businesses she is also shaping the mind of future business owners and entrepreneurs , she does this by being part of the Business Faculty for Brookline College.
Gilda believes that by the power of entrepreneurial development, economic empowerment and marketing, one can break down the communication barriers and find a common denominator in solving current and future economic challenges.

Alyssa Burton, Make up Artist
Make up, Your BFF              
I, Alyssa Burton, was born and raised in Alabama. I received my B.S in Business Marketing and my M.S in Business Management from Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, AL. I then moved to Tucson, AZ in 2007 as a government contractor. Moving to Tucson has been a very humbling experience where I have had to establish a more spiritual relationship with my inner self.
I have always had a very creative side and I have always had a very good disposition with everyone I meet. At a very young age my mom and my aunt exposed me makeup and the arts. Before I could even walk my aunt would allow me to play in her purse during church and from there make up peaked my interest. My mom introduced me to the Arts and allowed me to get involved in ballet and art classes.

Linda Smith, Premiere Design Jewelry
Understanding the Magic of Accessories  

Linda opened her own Premier Designs Jewelry business after over 25 years in banking. Her desire is to enrich the lives of the women she works with and to provide excellent customer service. I love to watch the girls "play" in the jewelry and try new pieces that they might not have considered as being their style.
Born in Pennsylvania, and moved to Tucson in 1979 to get away from the cold winters.
My other interests are baking, and since my Dad had his own auto body business I have always liked cars and motorsports. I am an avid NASCAR fan and also follow drag racing. Premier Designs is High Fashion Jewelry

James Johnston, General Manager Performance Footwear                                             
Shoes, save your soles!
James Johnston Jr. has lived in Tucson for two years now and is General Manager of seven Performance Footwear stores throughout Arizona and Nevada. He trains his staff how to understand and work with all of the different foot types that they may encounter.  In 1993 he moved from Queens NY to open The Athlete’s Foot stores in Las Vegas which he sold in 2011. Through The Athlete’s Foot, he became a Master Fit Technician, which enhanced his knowledge of the human foot and common foot conditions associated with it, which enables him to work with medical professionals. He trained under Mr. Tom Brunick, editor of “Runner’s World” and “Walking” magazines. For 15 years, James worked with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training, conducting their equipment presentations and readying runners for marathons. He has organized many running and walking clinics designed to educate the public on healthy training habits.

Susan Wilkins, Health Coach 
Healthy you, Fabulous you
Susan was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Detroit, Michigan.  Attended Meharry Allied Health Learning Center in Detroit, Michigan to earn a Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist Certificate.
Susan worked at the Detroit Rehabilitation Institute in the Detroit Medical Center in the outpatient clinic assisting eight doctors who treated patients with closed head injuries, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, drug addiction, and stroke recovery.
Left Detroit, MI and moved to Southern California where she became interested in natural health. Susan began researching health, which allowed her to successfully coach co-workers and family to better health. 
Susan moved to Tucson, Arizona to raise her family and is currently enrolled in a combined Masters/PhD program for Holistic Sports Nutrition at the College of Natural Health.
Glenna Coston, Aesthetician, Skincare Professional, Lowes Ventana Canyon Spa Best Face Forward
Glenna is a licensed aesthetician with over 25 years experience who specializes in customized skin care for aging and sun damaged skin as well as sensitive skin types and acne care.  She utilizes holistically based skin care treatments and holds a license for massage therapy and spent five years studying with a master aroma therapist from London.  Glenna is committed to learning the latest skin care techniques through continuing education.
Glenna offers state of the art skin care products featuring Eminence Organics, Rhonda Allison Correctives, and A Natural Difference Therapeutic Skin Care.  These products are available only through qualified practitioners and are not available at drug or department stores.  I utilize these three skin care lines, in order to customize a home care regiment that helps control the aging process. 
The years of experience that Glenna has with these product lines, will help you to achieve your skin care and beauty goals.
 Pamela Netz, CPCP, Permanent Makeup Artist, Faces Artistry      
Best face Forward                                  
Pamela Netz of Faces Artistry feels the application of permanent makeup is an art. She decided to enter the field of permanent cosmetics to further utilize her artistic talent. Pam employs a manual technique in which she uses a non-mechanical device for procedures. Permanent cosmetics provide a wonderful base in which to restore the appearance of eyelashes, color and definition to the features of our faces. Whether we are restoring what we are lacking or simply improving our appearances, it is all about providing a natural soft appearance in which you may apply conventional makeup for a trendier look without looking inappropriate for your age. Pam is celebrating 20 years in this business and has been recognized in two Marquis publications for her achievements in business.

Andrew Andrews, Professional hairstylist at "Ahead of Style" and "Andrews Hair Creation"
Hair - Your Crowning Glory
Hair has always been part of me. It's what I call the feel good business. I enjoy giving back to the community. Participating in Community events is such a gratifying feeling when you can reach and help others. I have been doing hair for 8 years and each day is just as exciting as the last. It never gets old in my book. It's artistry in it's own.
Gigi Centaro, Gigi Centaro LLC Professional Hostess, Beauty advisor, Author
Fashion and Beauty Secrets
Gigi started working in the beauty business over 25 years ago. She attended extensive training sessions with a professional makeup artist who does the makeup for top models in the beauty industry.
She has worked with countless women of all ages, skin tones and face shapes. Her knowledge of skin care, cosmetics and color application is extensive. She knows how to enhance a woman's best features and how to bring out her natural beauty. She consistently practices makeup application to keep her skills current.
When Gigi married 31 years ago, she didn't know how to cook. Dinner was something that came from a can and was eaten on a TV tray in front of the television. As a new bride, she wanted to create consistent, quality time with her husband. She decided to learn how to cook and how to make dinnertime special. With her husband's encouragement, she mastered cooking, menu planning and making dinnertime a warm, fun, family event.

 Nelly Holst, Certified Life Coach
How to achieve the "Put together look"
Nelly, certified life coach and founder of Best Journey Ahead, has been a fashion enthusiast  most of her life. She seeks to inspire, explore, develop, and build women from the inside out.

Working as a home educator specialist for 15 years while being a stay-at-home mother for twenty, she works to guide and support women through life transitions, marriage, relationships, and in their spiritual lives.

Nelly works with clients to help them gain clarity, identify and explore possibilities, regain focus, and make confident decisions.
Through her own experiences, education, and her certification, Nelly is able to provide expert guidance to those who seek it and accessibility is not an issue, she is always just a click away from those who need her.
E-mail Nelly at for a complimentary phone session. You can visit her website,

Renee Deeter,  Independent CAbi Consultant
How to achieve the "Put together look"
Renee Deeter has been a Direct Sales Consultant for CAbi, Carol Anderson By invitation a designer fashion Company for 4 years. She has worked with 7 different lines of clothing and considers herself a "Fit Expert".
What she loves more about fashion  is that no matter who you are or what you do , CEO or stay at home mom you can always be in fashion. As a Mom of 3 kids she is the perfect presenter  to teach you how to put yourself together no matter what the distraction.
Rosemary Bietendorf Instructor and Manager at Curves Gym
Fitness Fashion and Zumba Style!
Patricia Matthews, Zumba Instructor
Fitness Fashion and Zumba Style!